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New home design trends emerge each year and it’s important for any builder to stay on top of these trends. Some are likely to have staying power, but for others, what looks great does not always function well in reality. Honolulu Magazine identified three home design trends that it believes may be best to avoid. What's your view?

Here's what the magazine said:

Barn Doors
Barn doors offer just the right amount of privacy—for a horse. Many barn doors don’t actually touch the wall when closed, severely limiting privacy.

Open Shelves
Open shelves in a kitchen look gorgeous in professional real estate photos and on home design websites; however, unless you never use your kitchen and only own four plates, they can end up looking messy in general.

All-White Kitchens
All-white kitchens are bright and lovely—for 10 minutes after they’ve been professionally cleaned. In reality, a little bit of gray, wood or stone with texture and color makes it easier to keep a lived-in kitchen looking clean.

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