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With paint manufacturers forecasting the top 2023 interior colors, siding experts from Alside wanted to weigh in on exterior trends for the coming year.

The exterior building products manufacturer commissioned a national survey conducted online by The Harris Poll to predict the top siding color choice for 2023. The results found the majority of homeowners would lighten up their exteriors with trending neutral colors, such as cream, white, light gray, and light brown.

In the survey, which was fielded in mid-September, Alside asked both males and females in various age ranges across the four major U.S. regions: “If you were going to update the color of your home exterior in 2023, which color would you choose?”

The most popular choice identified by the survey would be off-white/cream (20%), followed by white (14%). This trend was across the board, with male and female homeowners responding similarly for off-white/cream and similar feelings across the various regions of the country.

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Following off-white/cream and white, light gray (12%), light brown (11%), and medium blue (9%) make up the rest of the top five, while dark brown (1%), dark blue (2%), and dark gray (2%) ranked as the bottom three.

Alside found the results from the national survey were in line with its online analytics and sales data that show an increasing popularity in white compared with other colors. In fact, the percentage of total white squares sold by Alside has more than doubled since 2018.

"It's interesting to compare the national survey data to what we're seeing in the market," says Chase Creighton, business director, vinyl and composite cladding. "The farmhouse trend is driving more of the preference of homeowners choosing white and light colors. It's possible, too, that cost may be a driver. As building materials prices have risen, consumers may have gravitated toward lower cost options and away from premium colors."

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