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An estimated 42% of the U.S. workforce spent at least some time working from home in the last year, and many people have plans to continue doing so in the future. Fixr, a home remodeling resource, asked top experts in the home design field to weigh in on how homeowners are adapting their spaces for remote working in 2021 and their recommendations for ideal home office designs.

The findings, posted on Fixr’s blog, revealed guest rooms are the most common spaces converted into home offices, dining rooms are the most popular for use as a combined working space followed by bedrooms, a bookshelf is the top choice for a video conferencing background followed by artwork, and hardwood is the preferred flooring in an office. See the survey’s full results, including top office colors, acoustics, and expert tips for limited space at Fixr.

When asked which room was most likely to get converted into a full-time home office, 66% of experts agreed that a guest bedroom makes the most sense. This space is one of the most frequently converted simply because it’s easy to use as a home office and may be one of the lesser-used areas of a home in general. And with less people traveling and fewer gatherings right now, it makes sense for the guest bedroom to get the makeover before other areas, as it’s not likely to be in heavy use right now anyway.

For those without a guest bedroom, dining rooms took a distant second place at 12%, while dens followed at 9%, and a home office in the living room came in at 4%.

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