A recent market study reveals what many home builders already know: Pergolas command most of the $1.3 billion outdoor living structure market. Another report estimates a 50-80% return-on-investment with a pergola addition.

It makes sense. Consumers appreciate how pergola shade transforms a sun-scorched patio or pool into a comfortable backyard oasis. Project affordability helps builders win more buyers with minimal effect on margins.

Home builder turned outdoor structure contractor Cameron Kulyk understands the popularity. “We work with many mid-market and high-end home builders,” Kulyk explains. “Pergolas are a builders’ dream for scheduling, budget and home buyer appeal. It’s an outdoor wow factor with no downside.”

The owner and operator of Kulyk Outdoors says his projects typically take less than five weeks, from order to finish, including custom fabrication. “There are no material delays. No coordination issues with the trades. Lead times are minimal. Callbacks exceedingly rare. Our pergolas also offer a variety of upgrade options,” Kulyk explains. “Best of all, home buyers love the comfort and look.”

Which Pergola Brand?

Today there are dozens of residential and commercial pergola systems, from low-end kits from big-box retailers to pricey on-site construction. Kulyk singles out a family-owned and operated Florida company, AZENCO Outdoor, as his go-to pergola manufacturer.

“A friend suggested them to me,” Kulyk recalls. “I took a careful look and was impressed. AZENCO is a big company with family care and pride. There’s nothing quite like them in the business.”

10 Factors to Consider

What should you look for in a pergola? Start with quality construction, advises Leslie Chapus, co-founder and vice president of AZENCO and a 17-year industry veteran. “It doesn’t matter if the pergola is budgeted for a $300,000 or a $3 million home. You should expect top-rate quality construction,” Chapus says.

Here are nine other differentiators:

  1. Versatility. Automated, articulated louvers offer on-demand shade and sun control. Prefer more shade? Less shade and more sun? Adjust the louver angle to suit individual preference.
  2. Architectural Features. Clean, uncluttered assembly presents no visible hardware connections. Custom pergola styling complements any home design, from modern to traditional.
  3. Resilience. Closed louvers form a continuous water-tight overhead seal by channeling water through a concealed drainage system.
  4. Craftsmanship. New, uncontaminated aluminum extrusions form a tough, heavyweight superstructure. All pergola parts are laser-cut and pre-drilled for fast, precise assembly.
  5. Adaptability. An insulated solid roof format is also available. Retractable side screens help seal off insects and wind. A variety of LED lighting options are available.
  6. Customization. The design palette includes custom powder-coated colors as well as wood grain finishes.
  7. Innovation. AZENCO’s co-founder, CEO and award-winning designer Charles Chapus holds 30 patents for manufacturing, design and engineering advances.
  8. Made in U.S.A. Domestic manufacturing and material sourcing minimizes material disruptions and delays.
  9. Local Service and Support. Dealers help ensure builder and homeowner satisfaction.

“These days, it’s tough to sell a house without an outdoor living space,” reminds Kulyk. Transform your properties with a touch of pergola magic by stepping up to AZENCO quality and value.

Learn more about how a pergola can transform your projects’ outdoor living space with affordability and quality.