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Real estate agents and the cookies they often offer are getting whacked by AI, or, if you will, computer home shopping, according to this opinion piece from The Washington Times:

Title this, Real Estate Agent: What Job Not to Seek as a Career. That’s because artificial intelligence is steadily creeping into the sector, replacing humans with machines that allow buyers a faster, cheaper and — some would argue — stress-free way of finding that perfect home.

Goodbye human touch? Could be.

Look at this excerpt from a story on AI and the real estate sector, from CNBC: “Instead of hiring a real estate agent, Ron and Marilyn Hougardy essentially recruited a computer to sell their four-bedroom home in Thousand Oaks, California.”

In so doing, they saved about 4 percent in commission payments.

That’s a good chunk of money.

Now, anyone entering the market can do the same. And we have artificial intelligence to thank for that.

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