Sleek modern designs are popular in today's homes, but elements of vintage and retro designs are creeping back in to kitchens.'s Jamie Wiebe presents a few vintage design ideas that today's homeowners will like.

1. Pastel Hues
Homeowners have been rocking Millennial Pink for a few years—and now its pastel friends want in on the action, too. Younger homeowners are pairing everyone's favorite rosy shade with other gentle hues, like robin's-egg blue and mint. To make these shades sing, choose a modern countertop, like butcher block, but consider skipping the wooden cabinetry. Otherwise, you may slide past "vintage" and slam into "dated."

2. Decorative Flooring
Hardwood flooring (laminate or otherwise) might be standard issue in builder-grade housing, but today's ambitious renovators are going bold, returning to decorative flooring styles often seen in our parents' and grandparents' homes. Whether it's vintage black-and-white or funky-patterned tiling (try these Moroccan tiles on for size), today's kitchens are all about making a statement.

3. Vintage Appliances
Retro-fridge maker Smeg had its moment in the kitchen spotlight with its candy-colored appliances, and now other manufacturers are following suit with a variety of vintage-inspired appliances. Kitchen? More like time capsule. And you don't have to go pastel to integrate vintage appliances into your own kitchen. Many manufacturers, like Northstar, offer retro lines in white, and Elmira makes the look modern with stainless steel.

4. Bold Pops of Color
Pastels aren't your only option when adding vintage color. Bold shades are perfectly retro—and makers of small appliances give you unlimited options. Pick a vivid, colorful coffee maker or a mixer that is "modern, while still having that retro vintage look," says Chicago real estate agent Xavier Cruz.

5. Dining Nooks
On the other hand, the open kitchen is also the perfect place to rock the latest retro trend: dining nooks. "In an open kitchen layout, people still want a designated place to sit," Cruz says. "Built-in benches add character while also providing an easier alternative to cluttering an open space with a bunch of chairs."

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