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A home in North Texas was built to withstand a tornado. NBC 5 Dallas-Ft. Worth reports:

A newly-built, 5,700 square foot home in Cedar Hill has a lot to offer on top of its stunning location. “Please come in,” said Gary Karnavas, the home owner who also worked as the general contractor for his home’s build-out.

He said the view is his favorite thing about their new home, which he and his wife plan to live in for the remainder of their retirement. “This west wall right here has actually got 300 square feet of windows,” Gary said, detailing how they maximized the great viewing opportunities.

But it’s what you can’t see, that brings Gary the most comfort during severe weather—a topic Gary knows a lot about. “I have a degree in meteorology, so, funny enough I get real obsessed with it,” Gary said.

To protect his family from dangerous wind, flying debris, and even a tornado, he built his home with I.C.F., which stands for Insulated Concrete Forms. Basically, the walls of his home have a six inch core of concrete

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