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Melissa Rayworth of the Associated Press asked several top designers about what trends will dominate home decorating in 2019. Their answers, collectively, related to the idea of comfort for homeowners. They suggested that comfort can be achieved in many ways, through warm wall colors, antique wooden items and rounded corners on furniture.

For years, Americans were in love with open floor plans and large furniture. Now, "people want more intimately scaled spaces," says interior designers Dan Mazzarini.

Along the way, the color palette is becoming equally cozy. Popular neutral colors have "been so cool for a number of years," interior designer Marika Meyer says. As 2019 approaches, "we're coming back into more warm neutrals."

Other key elements to achieving comfort in homes are wallpaper and fabrics, according to the designers. Murals, mixed-pattern walls, and layering of traditional patterns are all stylistic choices these designers say will become a staple moving forward. In particular, they say green will be a prevailing color in both fabric and wallpaper patterns.

Antiques and second-hand items can also convey the feeling of comfort.

This trend is quite practical in the smaller-scale homes and condos favored these days, Meyer says, because people have a real need for storage space. If a client chooses an antique wooden chest instead of a Parsons table, "it's concealed storage."

A modern feel can still be achieved designing with antiques by incorporating warm wood tones and walnuts in with the second-hand items.

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