ARCHITECT's Ayda Ayoubi reports that Portland, Ore.–based software company the Wild has launched a cloud-based, real-time platform for architects and designers to collaborate virtually on projects.

Available through a subscription service, the Wild platform allows projects exported from 3D modeling software, such as Autodesk Revit or SketchUp, to be edited, shared, and presented from any device in virtual- or augmented-reality modes. The company says combining these features into a single platform streamlines the design process and leads to "better decision-making, saving time, and money." [The Wild]

Also: A new bill proposed by five local council members might put Washington, D.C., on the path to relying entirely on clean energy by 2032. If passed, the bill would tighten the district's green building and energy standards and would give the mayor an authority to sign regional agreements with Maryland and Virginia to lower greenhouse gas emissions. [WAMU]

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