Kanye West performs live in New York City in October 2012. Briana E. Heard

Kanye West is appearing in all sorts of headlines these days, but one thing people might not be familiar with is his passion for home design.

After announcing his 'Yeezy' brand, famous for clothing and shoes, is beginning a home design segment called 'Yeezy Home,' West posted a few sneak peeks of his designs on Instagram.

The samples are heavy on concrete and minimalistic, something designer Ana Cummings of Ana Interiors says she likes. "I actually quite like this aesthetic, it is completely devoid of stimuli, something we are bombarded with day in and day out."

Yeezy Home's first project will be constructing low-income housing, and other designers are heaping praise on his prefabricated concrete samples.

"Recognizing the absolute need for affordable housing across the nation, Mr. West is developing a design concept that can be translated into various communities," says Lauren Visco, an interior designer in Chicago. Cement panels are easy to fabricate and can be cast into any desired shape.

To see photos of Kanye's design, follow the link below.

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