Fast Company's Jesus Diaz asks: can AR technology make business cards relevant again in a world where paper products are quickly becoming obsolete?

Developer Oscar Falmer thinks so, having created an AR business card demo that takes a standard business card and extends its capabilities using augmented reality objects, displaying buttons to text, call, Facetime, and email people or look at their web pages.

As you move the card in the real world, these virtual elements move with it as if they were as real as the card itself. Since physical cards have limited space, these virtual thingamajigs seem like an easy way to expand on the amount of information they can contain.

How it works: Falmer used Image Live Tracking Technology, an ARKit 2.0 feature that allows your phone to track an image in 3D space and use it as an anchor to attach computer-generated images to the physical space. ARKit 2.0 is Apple’s augmented reality development environment, which Falmer tells me let him develop this neat toy in just three days.

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