They're baaaaack. Not space aliens, but the theaters in which one watches them. The tricked out home theater, often modeled after the movie palaces of the 1940s, was all the rage before the housing crash, which came down on the trend like a hefty subwoofer. Now the followers of trends (who can afford it) are bringing them back. Mansionglobal reports:

"All of the high-end homes that I’m seeing are putting in home theaters," says Nelson Gonzalez, an agent with EWM Realty/Christie’s International Real Estate, who specializes in the luxury real estate market in Miami Beach and the greater Miami area.

Homeowners are installing projectors, screens, reclining chairs, lights, surround-sound systems, and acoustic panels on the walls.

For an authentic cinema experience, you need to consult with professional contractors who specialize in custom home- theater installations. To get just the right sound system and lights for a dedicated home theater, much depends on the layout and dimensions of the room and the preferences of the homeowner.

Here are some key items for your home theater.

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