Bendheim SatinTech Etched Glass Shower Doors

Jim Bartsch

When it comes to bathing features, homes have three traditional options, standalone showers, freestanding tubs, or shower-tub combos. While whirlpool tubs paired with small shower stalls were popular in the 1990s, current bathroom trends have steered clear of that dated option. Homeowners want large, statement showers with curbless entry and built-in benches. According to House Beautiful, bathtubs are important as well, but are usually more picture-worthy or used functionally for family purposes.

Part of the reason jetted tubs fell out of popularity after the ‘90s is that people realized they weren’t using them as much as they’d imagined (obviously Instagram wasn’t around then to inspire them), and the hassle of cleaning that large of a tub turned people off.

Supersized, ultra-luxe tubs may be out of fashion, but there is a prevailing mindset that homes ought to have at least one tub—primarily because they are a requirement for a lot of families with small children and pets. And if you’re taking on a bathroom renovation that might eliminate your home’s only existing tub, it’s important to recognize that although going tub-less might not directly lower your home’s value, you will end up alienating a ton of potential buyers whenever you do decide to sell. Which means you may be forced to take a lower offer.

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