Trends tend to come and go with the years, and experts are already looking ahead to the design trends they expect to see in 2020. With the construction market hot, the Baltimore Post-Examiner took a look at some of bathroom trends expected to gain popularity in 2020.

Enclosed Shower Areas
Bathroom shower walk-ins are not new to anyone, but their styles and designs are top-notch fresh for 2020. Trends of making showers walk-in with glass shower doors are still there, but door designs and tiling techniques will be varying. Pebble styles with small tiles will be very popular and cherry-pick in next year.

Other than that, tiles patterns will not be confined to just walls but the floor also will become an element of decoration with check designed tiles and color combinations. Compartmental shower doors with frameless glass shower doors will become a pick and choose for everyone.

Nature Oriented Bathrooms
Nature is vanishing away from planet earth and we are probing for more natural-looking things. Trends are all inclined towards natural-looking interior looks. No matter if you go for biophonic or industrial looks or just one black oak wood, you are going to have a nature-oriented interior. 2020 is basically for nature lovers who are probing for biophilic environments. A quick way to find nature integrated bathroom is sprouting a large but tiny number of indoor plants into it. Colors like white, grey, green and sky blue will be encouraged.

Retro Wooden Bathtubs and Vanities
Old is gold and wood is an older material when we talk about home improvements. Being so evergreen and perpetual in its nature, wood will be prevailing in the clouds of 2020. Bathtubs made out of creative wooden planks from outside will be presenting a barrel hunter look. Wooden vanities will never go out of the trend in 2020. Interior bathroom designers will use black oak and timbers creatively to make bathrooms retro plus woody. These present a luxury look and feel at all times making you feel natural and awesome while in one.

Nude Colors With Extra Lighting
Nude colors will be at your fingers tips in 2020 but with a little glam up look. Retro but nude looks will be a rocking combination so that you may find extra lighting with pop-top colors. Color splash and sleek tiles with gaudy and more integrated lights are to prevail in next season. But in the meantime white and black shadows and ranging strips will never go out of the trend.

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