From faucets to tile, bathroom design should never be overlooked. The space may have its functional duties, but it should also make a homeowner comfortable and relaxed. House Beautiful’s Olivia Heath talked with online bathroom retailer Victorian Plumbing to see what details are trending in bathrooms this year.

1. Rose Gold - Adding a touch of luxury to the bathroom whilst remaining more understated than gold, rose gold is certainly having its moment in the sun,' says Victorian Plumbing. 'A popular pairing at the moment is combining it with marble, creating a luxurious aesthetic.

2. Black/Dark Radiators - Adding a sense of drama and providing a striking accent piece to highlight and contrast is a key decorating trend for bathrooms right now. Victorian Plumbing explain that painted radiators have definitely become a key feature of Instagram bathrooms.

3. Grey Bathrooms - An enduring trend for the first half of 2018, grey bathrooms continue to be popular,' they say. Its popularity comes from its versatility, as the color can be used with both modern and traditional aesthetics. The neutral palette helps to avoid it looking prematurely dated.

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