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Looking for the most current bathroom trends?’s Holly Amaya says “try yesterday.” Old vintage features are making a comeback into today’s bathrooms. From skirted sinks to old hardware, designers are showcasing some retro elements in their more recent projects. Check out the following suggestions below.

1. Vintage-inspired washstands: Want to ease into the vintage style? Consider swapping out your existing faucet with something more low-profile—then pair it with a simple washstand instead of a bulky vanity.

2. Skirted sinks: Tired of your vanity sink, but not ready to go completely bare-bones? Enter the skirted sink, that mainstay of late-'70s Midwestern basement bathrooms that's found new life among mildly ironic millennial homeowners.

3. Vintage hardware: For an easy nod to bygone days, swap out your vanity's hardware and fixtures.

4. Checkerboard flooring: The checkerboard pattern—which some experts say dates back to ancient Egypt—was a mainstay of linoleum-tiled kitchens in the 1920s and '30s. Today's modern resurgence of the pattern (also sometimes referred to as "harlequin") is driven primarily by the print's versatility, visual interest, and ease of installation.

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