Stacked Cardboard Recycling Boxes In A Pile John McLenaghan

ARCHITECT's Katharine Keane reports that Amazon has announced a $10 million investment in the Closed Loop Fund to increase recycling rates across the country.

According to a company press release, the money will "divert 1 million tons of recyclable material from landfill into the recycling stream and eliminate the equivalent of 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide by 2028—equivalent to shutting down a coal-fired power plant for six months." The contribution will also go toward increasing curbside recycling for 3 million homes in the United States. The Closed Loop Fund invests in recycling infrastructure and technology to promote a circular economy. [Amazon]

Also: According to survey released by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), employees in LEED-certified green buildings are more productive, happier, and healthier. Of respondents who work in LEED-certified buildings, 81 percent believe that the air quality has improved their health and comfort. “We discovered that today’s employees are more motivated than ever to work for a company that promotes not just a higher standard of living for its employees, but also of its community,” said USGBC CEO Mahesh Ramanujam in a press release. “In today’s highly competitive job market, if companies want to attract and retain highly-skilled, talented employees, they must demonstrate a commitment to environmental, human, and economic sustainability.” [USGBC]

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