In many cities there is a need to meet a middle range of housing affordability - where there are many people who do not meet the qualifications for assistance, but need a solution that doesn't out price their living wages. Innovative designers are coming up with solutions that meet this growing need, and at the same time benefit the prosperity of the urban area that they are being developed in.

Called the Heijmans ONE, the tiny house serves starter home for $860 a month. It comes fully equipped and is a portable structure, meaning it can be placed wherever your city permits. Heijmans hopes that they will also be placed in less used, or forgotten urban areas to help stimulate development and economic growth.

The prefab units are targeted at educated millennial’s between the ages of 25 and 35, who earn too much to qualify for social housing, but still not enough to secure good housing in the rental sector. It’s also this demographic who are likely to be searching for an urban lifestyle, near to their place of work.

The Heijmans ONE has been designed for single occupancy, which is somewhat limiting, but judging from the photographs it could easily accommodate couples. In fact, it’s clear that the living spaces are intended for several people.

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