Panasonic jumped at the opportunity to develop a smart city just outside of Denver. Their insights and their collaboration with the city and other partners will lead to new solutions for energy, for transportation, design and controlling the internet of things. Plus, MGL Partners plan a housing development with 219 units which will be a petri dish for living in this smart city environment.

Peña Station, currently a remote rail station south of Denver International Airport, may be the location of one of the most futuristic smart city developments.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock expressed his desire for Peña Station to be more than just a transit hub and earlier this year Panasonic jumped at the chance to make it a thriving community, outfitted with the latest in smart technologies.

Panasonic has moved its Enterprise Solutions Division headquarters to Peña Station and this month started installing LED street lights in the city-to-be, which are 60 to 70 percent more energy efficient than standard street lights.

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