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A startup that creates digital copies of homes and helps owners manage all their documentation in one place raised $7 million in seed financing.

Digs AI helps organize the build process through room segmentation and data association,” CEO and co-founder Ryan Fink told BUILDER last year. “Digs AI ingests messy build documentation (selections, change orders, etc.) and collects and organizes everything to create the most accurate representation of the home.”

The company said it will use the money to build out its executive team, accelerate the company’s rollout plans, and help finance the launch of a digital marketplace.

The $7 million seed round, led by Oregon Venture Fund (OVF) and Legacy Capital Ventures, includes follow-on participation from investors in the prior $7 million pre-seed round. Notable contributors include Fuse, Flying Fish, Betaworks, PSF, and Cascade Seed Fund, as well as additional investment from Deepwater Asset Management.

“It's fantastic to have proven investors like OVF and Legacy lead our seed round and partner in helping us navigate all the challenges accompanying rapid growth,” Fink said.

Digs’ platform serves users in all 50 states and Canada, spanning builders, suppliers, contractors, and homeowners. Transitioning from beta to full availability in under a year, it hosts diverse projects, from boutique builders to national developers, representing over $3 billion in home value on the platform.

“Digs is taking how we build and own a home to the next level,” said Gene Munster, managing partner at Deepwater. “We’re excited to partner again with Fink and team who are using AI to solve real pain points that millions feel every day, whether you're a builder or a homeowner.”

Digs has added veteran technology executive Jef Holove as chief operating officer. Holove has held senior roles in several consumer companies, the most recent being CEO of Drop, an e-commerce marketplace for bespoke consumer tech products, acquired by Corsair in 2023. Holove will be responsible for Digs’ supporting business functions and developing the platform’s marketplace.

“The platform’s focus on the homeowner’s experience, a largely unaddressed area in construction technology, sets it apart in a market ripe for improvement. We believe Digs is not just an investment in a product but an investment in the future of how homes are built and maintained,” commented Deepthi Madhava, a partner at OVF.

According to an earlier BUILDER story, after individually going through the home build process, Digs’ founders both experienced a pain point many home buyers frequently face—as one of the largest investments of their lives, they knew little information about their brand-new homes.

With one founder being a former home builder and both possessing backgrounds in developing easy-to-use customer-centered technology, the duo set out to create a scalable solution for homeowners while solving a common data consolidation problem for builders.

The AI-enriched file management and modern collaboration enable builders to work more efficiently and easily hand off each home’s information to homeowners in a highly organized and interactive digital copy.

Users can drop files onto a space on a floor plan enabling spatially associated selections for each room. Additionally, users can store files, and Digs will associate them with the correct room (e.g., bathroom #1) on the floor plan.