If everything goes perfectly – labor is available and efficient, materials arrive on time, and weather cooperates – it takes roughly nine months to build the average single-family home.

Suppose you could do it in five months every time?

What effect would slashing 16 weeks off your delivery schedule have on construction financing, project capacity, and margins? What’s more, you turn over a home built to your design specifications that meets or exceeds all local codes and offers buyers the opportunity (and you the tax incentives) to upgrade up to DOE Zero Energy Ready Home performance.

This kind of speed and performance is now easier than ever with factory-insulated and weatherproofed panelized construction. Made to order panelized walls, floors, ceiling, and roof assemblies simplify home construction with plug-and-play installation that significantly reduces weather, labor, and material risks.

You set the design and performance expectations. The offsite building team uses your specs to fabricate panel assemblies with the inclusions you pick in as few as 5-10 working days. Shipping and onsite assembly? That’s included too, right down to the blower door test, validating HERS rating performance.

Save Time, Reduce Risk

For Dennis Michaud, CertainTeed’s Managing Director of Offsite Solutions, the challenges faced by today’s builders demand a building system that removes needless risk, cost, waste, and time out of the construction process.

Michaud speaks with authority on the topic. Having spent the past 20-plus years in the building industry, including both traditional and offsite construction, he now leads CertainTeed’s activities in supporting the growth of offsite construction, including ONE PRECISION ASSEMBLIES, which launched earlier this year. This homebuilding system was recently honored by the National Association of Home Builders with the Offsite Construction Award for Innovation, a first for the NAHB.

“A panelized platform, by itself or combined with traditional or even modular construction, brings the benefits of speed and quality without compromising architectural freedom,” Michaud says. “Built-to-spec panels can be virtually any shape and size for the ONE PRECISION ASSEMBLIES platform. CertainTeed also puts the panels together on the jobsite.”

During a recent project in Keene, NH, the build-for-rent developer partnered with CertainTeed ONE PRECISION ASSEMBLIES to construct a single-family home and detached garage, to the builder’s spec, in a fraction of the time it would have taken using traditional construction methods.

“The system was of great quality and the components fit very well,” says Hans Porschitz, head of operations at Unity Homes. “The home and garage were assembled quickly and within only 2 days, they were ready for MEP rough-in and installation of remaining finishes.”

Panelized assemblies can also represent a performance edge. For example, ONE PRECISION ASSEMBLIES panels have been designed to absolutely minimize air leakage, while ensuring that any moisture in the home is able to escape the walls and roof, improving energy performance while avoiding risk of mold, mildew, or rot common in new construction. For home builders looking to reduce risk, that’s just the beginning:

  • No-Worry Transit. All panels are stress tested with independent shaker table testing to guarantee defect-free arrival at the jobsite.
  • Multiple Performance Tiers. Panels are engineered to meet all local code requirements. Energy performance may also be specified up to the DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home certification.
  • Top Industry Warranty. “We know the materials, how they work together, and exactly how they are installed,” reports Michaud. “That allows us to offer the best warranty in the business.”

For now, ONE PRECISION ASSEMBLIES availability is limited to the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions. For home builders considering ways to reduce construction risk and cut delivery time by nearly 50%, now is a good time to investigate panelized assemblies.

Learn more about how to cut home construction risk and timelines with ONE PRECISION ASSEMBLIES.