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The Virginian-Pilot reports on the popularity of a tiny house exhibit in Virginia Beach.

It’s not often that you can tour an entire home inside a convention center exhibit hall, but when the house is just over 200 square feet and attached to a trailer, it can go just about anywhere.

About a dozen people were waiting to tour the 84 Lumber tiny house at about noon Sunday at the Mid-Atlantic Home Show. From the outside, it looked much like any other house: pale yellow siding, a red metal roof, glass sliding doors – and even a front porch.

“But it’s tiny,” James Phillips said to his wife, Benita, as they walked up to the home.

Benita didn’t care. In fact, it’s what she liked most about the model tiny home, called the “Shonsie.”

“No one can come stay at my house or sleep in my bed,” Benita said with a grin.

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