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According to The Denver Post, WeWork, the Manhattan-based co-working space company, is moving towards becoming Denver's biggest player in the office space game. After opening two locations in 2016, the firm went quiet for awhile until it took over 139,000 square feet in seven floors of the the Tabor Center building in August of this year. The company recently announced leases in five more Denver locations and if things go according to plan, by late 2020 they will supplant the Fortune 500 dialysis company DaVita for controlling the largest chunk of the market.

Commercial real estate firms and members of the local business press have been tracking WeWork’s growth. BussinessDen in September crowned WeWork the second biggest office user in the city.

A lot can change in two years, but the leases on the books now set up WeWork to eclipse DaVita. The dialysis company has access to 597,000 square feet of space in two towers in the Union Station neighborhood, DaVita officials say.

“Denver is an amazing market for us,” Nathan Lenahan, WeWork’s general manager for the Mountain West and Texas, said via email. “It’s grown tremendously because it’s a great place for innovative companies to attract talent. We’re growing fast because we are responding to the demands of the market.”

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