The number of single-family permits issued year-to-date has reached 521,438, according to the National Association of Home Builders, with the Southern and Western regions seeing the most of the 7% growth. The Midwest has no reported change and the Northeast has declined slightly by 1.6%, when compared to July 2017. The Western regions had the highest growth in single-family with 14.3% and the Southern regions recorded the highest multifamily permits growth with 15.2%.

Between July 2017 YTD and July 2018 YTD, 34 states saw growth in single-family permits issued while 16 states and the District of Columbia registered a decline. Colorado recorded the highest growth rate during this time at 27.6% while single-family permits in the District of Columbia declined by 69.6%, from 217 in 2017 to 66 in 2018.

In the single-family sector, Texas led with 76,144 permits issued year-to-date in July 2018 and Florida came in second with 56,939 during this time. Meanwhile the lowest number came from the District of Columbia with 66 permits. The 10 states issuing the highest number of single-family permits combined accounted for 60.6% of the single-family permits issued.

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