According to the Houston Chronicle, two local developers, Steve Radom and Scott Arnoldy are working on a new project that will convert 1970-era warehouses into what will be known as M-K-T. The 12-acre site will eventually become 200,000 square feet of high-end offices, shopping, restaurants, and a fitness complex. The walkable development will also include parks, public art and abundant bicycle parking. The project is expected to be completed by early 2020.

Radom said the new design peels away the flat, monolithic facades of the warehouses. Some of the buildings may be gutted, leaving their joists exposed to create plazas or space for parking.

“The landscape design for M-K-T preserves yet enhances the historic Houston Heights character,” Kinder Baumgartner, Principal at SWA Group, said in a statement. “We complemented the design with new greenspaces, native plantings and community seating opportunities.”

Radom and Arnoldy declined to disclose their investment in the property and the estimated development cost other than saying it would be tens of millions of dollars. The project has financial backing from Long Wharf Capital LLC, a Boston private equity firm. The pair bought an Airstream trailer to use as a conference room inside one of the buildings they’ll initially use as a marketing center.

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