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The Washington Examiner’s Philip Wegmann reports the National Association of Home Builders, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has sent a letter to Congress urging their support for prison reform. If the Senate chooses to send the act to President Trump, the following industries will have access to a pool of workers to combat their current labor crises. Read more on the story below.

Industry isn’t just looking for warm bodies, though. The undersigned have committed to going “behind prison walls” to teach prisoners “skills that are specifically tailored to the jobs we have difficulty filling.”

“Industries such as trucking, construction, and manufacturing are desperate for good workers,” they write, “and would welcome the opportunity to offer second chances to incarcerated individuals seeking to turn their lives around.”

As capital searches for labor, here the needs of big business align with those of society. The market demands new workers and our country, as evidenced by the bipartisan support the bill received in the House, wants to reform our often needlessly harsh prison system. Congress, the industry associations seem to say, could solve two problems at once.

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