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With a building boom occurring in Sacramento, Calif., local police are starting to receive an increased level of theft reports coming from new neighborhoods. Since the beginning of 2018, the authorities have gotten 26 reports and are issuing a warning to other local builders. CBS’s Jennifer McGraw talked with the police spokesman who reported it could be various reasons, including kids partying in the homes or criminals breaking into them to steal tools.

“The loss could be from a few dollars, to a tool, thousands of dollars with some of the new appliances,” said Rob Baquera, Roseville Police spokesman.

The thieves are even breaking into new homes.

“Microwaves, ovens, things that are newly installed. Those are being taken from the houses,” he said.

Police say the suspects usually strike at night when they’re difficult to spot by the few neighbors who have moved in.

“You can imagine that these guys are using some heavy trucks or large vans, something to carry this equipment away and those are the things to look out for,” he added.

Officers are increasing enforcement in the area.

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