Fixr is out with an interesting graphic depicting the cost of building a new home.

The graphic above is based on data taken from the NAHB’s construction cost survey, conducted in 2017. The survey is based on the responses from 4,267 home builders and the costs indicated are for a single-family home, with a lot size of 11,186 square feet and an average finished area of 2,776 square feet. The costs include costs to the builder including labor, cost of materials and charges by subcontractors.

We broke the overall cost of $237,760 down into eight main stages of construction, which are represented graphically, with the initial stages at the top left, moving in order of construction down to the final touches at the bottom right. The stages are: Job Site Preparation, Foundation Creation, Erecting Walls, Floors and Roof, Exterior Façade Completion, Utility Systems, Interior Completion, Outdoor Completion, Other. Each section has been broken down into the various related tasks, with a total of 36 subcategories. The most expensive stage was Interior finishes, which includes appliances and fittings, which came in at $67,390, followed by Erecting walls floor and roof at $41,123, Exterior façade completion at $33,066, Utility systems at $32,746, Foundation creation at $25,671, Outdoor completion including landscaping at $16,591 and site work as the lowest specific stage at $15,903, with an extra $4,722 allocated to Other expenses.

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