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With the price of traditional lumber continuing to fluctuate, Utah-based builder Concord Homes has started using bamboo as an alternative. The bamboo-based material comes from a Northern California company called Bamcore—a 2021 Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability winner in the construction and design category—and is energy efficient, good for the environment, and strong and durable. Daniel Woodruff of KUTV spoke with Kirk Philo, Concord Home’s president, at a home site in Draper, Utah, to get more details on the application.

As for bamboo, the house in Draper is the first one Concord Homes is building using that material, although some of the house still consists of traditional lumber. Philo said the company plans to use bamboo on new townhomes in Eagle Mountain and Spanish Fork which should be finished next year.

Could buyers notice a difference in what they pay since the builder isn’t relying on expensive lumber?

“I believe so,” Philo said, adding that bamboo could ultimately lower the price of those homes by $5,000 or $10,000 with all things considered.

Plus, he said, it brings an added confidence that the builder can deliver a home as promised.

“We have to prove out the formula yet, we’re not there yet, but I would say this time next year we should have another conversation and see how that’s going,” Philo said.

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