Patchogue, N.Y.-based 3D printer manufacturer SQ4D Inc. has completed construction on the world’s largest permitted 3D printed home, a 1,900-square foot structure in Calverton, N.Y.

SQ4D printed the home over the course of eight days with the Autonomous Robotic Construction System, or ARCS, industrial-grade 3D home and building printer. Over forty-eight hours of total print time, ARCS constructed the home’s foundations, exterior and interior walls, interior conduits and other features. SQ4D expects enhancements to the ARCS system to cut print time in half for future projects.

According to SQ4D’s estimates, the printing process can account for up to 41% of the total construction of a home. As few as three people can operate the printing process, down from an estimated 20 manual labor positions in traditional construction.

From start to finish, the home cost less than $6,000 in materials to print. According to SQ4D, the home’s concrete construction reduces building costs by 30% and increases the structure’s fire resistance.

Click here to view the home under construction.