At least 57,000 coastal Florida homes were at risk for damage as Hurricane Michael made landfall. Areas likely to be hit hardest include the Crestview-Fort Walton Beach area, Panama City, and Florida’s capital Tallahassee. CBS News’ Ed Leefeldt has more details on the storm’s potential impact.

Global analytics firm CoreLogic estimates that the total reconstruction value if all these homes were actually destroyed by what's now forecast to be a Category 4 hurricane could amount to $13.4 billion. Its figure for total possible damage includes single-family residential homes, manufactured and mobile homes, as well as cabins, but it doesn't include damage to other structures.

In all likelihood, destruction on that scale won't happen, but the most recent major storm, Hurricane Florence, caused $38 billion of damage, mostly in North Carolina and extended into South Carolina and Virginia. It inflicted a direct death toll of 29 people and another 19 indirectly.

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