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In the construction industry, there are multiple job roles that involve lifting and carrying heavy weights. To ensure workers are doing so correctly, the wearable Kinetic Reflex was designed to alert users when they are in an unsafe posture. The technology is worn on the user’s belt or waistband and can detect when workers are performing high-risk actions, such as lifting with the back instead of the knees. When such action happens, the technology will vibrate and display a warning on the screen.

Additionally, at the end of each shift, the Wi-Fi-equipped device transmits its data to a central computer-based dashboard, where supervisors can review each of their workers' safety habits. That dashboard additionally shows how all of the workplace's detected unsafe postures are distributed amongst different tasks, so action can be taken in areas where the risk is the greatest.

The device itself is water- and impact-resistant, and can run for a claimed 15 hours per charge of its battery. Along with simply detecting and recording unsafe postures, it can also be used to set goals, in which it helps workers try to stay below a given number of warnings each day – this feature allows workers to compete against one another, with an incentive being provided to whoever is shown to be the safest.

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