The AMT-SPETSAVIA group in Russia has announced the world's largest 3D construction printer, reports New Atlas contributor James Holloway.

The firm says the S–500 can create a six story building, and can operate in a volume of 37.7 x 36.1 x 49.2 feet. However, its makers say it's possible to extend the last dimension to 263 feet. The smaller S-300 can create a two story building that's 37.7 x 36.1 x 17.7 in feet.

The company says the machines can print at a rate of 2.5 cubic meters of concrete (88 cubic feet) per hour. "We've always been asked for a solution for multi-storey construction," General Director Alexander Maslov said in the press release. "Now we declare with confidence that such a solution exists! During the development we've taken into account the wishes of the developing companies, at the same time maintaining the inherent reliability of our equipment, ease of management and maintenance."

The first printer is due to ship later this year.

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