Last month, Maine Gov. Janet Mills signed L.D. 1530 into law, which both defines tiny homes and grants them the same status as traditional single-family homes in the state. Under this new legislation, set to take effect this fall, tiny homes may be constructed on any lot where single-family homes are permitted.

Under the bill’s definition, a “tiny home” must be no more than 400 square feet in size and counts as a dwelling if built on either a standard foundation or wheeled platform towable by a vehicle. Semitrailers, camp trailers, recreational vehicles or manufactured housing do not qualify.

“For a while, we have really needed some alternative for affordable housing, and this is a very easy solution for that,” said Corinne Watson, founder and CEO of Tiny Homes of Maine. “I think that having the last bill passed will help a lot of people and kind of speed it up. It may have taken some towns longer if they were responsible for doing it themselves. Other towns just took it upon themselves to work with people to allow tiny homes.”

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