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SB287, a hotly contested bill proposed by California state senator Scott Wiener, was killed for the year after losing a key legislative vote Tuesday. The Senate Transportation and Housing Committee voted 5-4 to block the bill, which would have required seven votes to move forward, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

SB287 would have prevented cities from applying density and height limits for the development of up to five-story apartment and condo buildings within a half-mile of major transit hubs. In addition, it would have removed density restrictions for such buildings within a quarter-mile of popular bus and light-rail stops. San Francisco Chronicle correspondent Melody Gutierrez writes:

Supporters, who included Democrats and Republicans, said it would counteract NIMBYs who refuse to entertain any development near where they live. Opponents, who also included partisans on both the left and right, called it a massive overreach by Sacramento that could destroy local neighborhoods.

Wiener plans to rally further support for the bill before reintroducing it next year.

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