The crew hoists wall panels, featuring staggered studs, into place.

KULR8 in Montana reports on a local panelized home builder and the construction of a business in the town of Belt.

All those savings stem from Whisper Creek's method of building panels in a quality-controlled facility based in Hamilton. Everything is done in that factory, so by the time the pieces arrive to a site all workers have to do is piece it together.

Traveling back in time to the job site in January, it would seem like a pretty site. It's mostly men working, but what's interesting is it's all women who are behind the scenes calling the shots.

Finnell explains, "When you call into Whisper Creek and you're trying to find out about building a home, or starting your own dealership and you're in the U.S. or Canada, you're going to talk to one of the women in charge." | News, Weather & Sports in Billings, Montana Read More