Naples, Fla.-based luxury builder London Bay Homes has doubled its payroll numbers over the past three years, moving from about 60 employees in 2015 to 110 today. As the builder has grown, London Bay Homes Vice President of Human Resources Sabra Smith have developed a targeted employee retention program to retain, develop, and promote its top talent.

The process begins as soon as the employee starts work. “The time we spend with them post hire — introducing them to the entire company, our processes, procedures, staff — can make a tremendous difference in their success and retention rate,” says Smith. From there, company’s executives assess the quality of the new employee’s work, and decide whether or not they are an “A-player.”

For top employees, Smith says managers hold stay-interviews every six months or so, where the discussion revolves around how an employee can move up in the company. “People are responsible for their own careers,” Smith says, but this process enables them to see their future better at the firm, which leads to longer retention rates. Adds Smith: “You never want to have to replace a top employee.”

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