Can't find a good mason? Try the Hadrian X robot, from the Land Down Under. Business Insider reports:

A construction crew can build a small home in about four to six weeks. To shave time and labor costs, some home builders have chosen to automate part of the process instead.

A new robot, developed by Perth-based company Fastbrick Robotics, may be the speediest homebuilding machine yet.

Called the Hadrian X, it's essentially one long robotic arm that mounts on a truck, barge, or crane. Operating from a 3D model, the machine cuts its own bricks and applies adhesive. Using a conveyor belt, it then feeds the pieces to the end of the arm, which lays them into place.

The Hadrian X can lay 1,000-plus standard bricks per hour, the company's director of corporate affairs, Kiel Chivers, told Business Insider.

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