Hudson Yards. Photo by Katherine Gloede.

New York City is the home of the three-martini lunch. It's one thing, however, for bankers and advertising types; quite another for people who are erecting skyscrapers. The New York Post reports:

“OK, today is Friday! Let’s rock and roll!” yelled the bartender at McGarry’s pub in Midtown, just after the tavern opened at 11 a.m. this week.

In minutes, hard-drinking construction workers at the booming Hudson Yards site swarmed in to pound beers, down shots and gulp mixed drinks before heading back to work.

Post reporters observed on the past two Fridays workers getting blitzed at the Ninth Avenue watering hole during their hour-long meal breaks, then returning to a bustling construction zone that features multiple fast-rising skyscrapers and several hundred hardhats.

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