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Oakwood Homes is adding affordable floor plans in Denver with its “American Dream” homes, according to The Denver Post’s Joe Rubino. With the area’s average cost of a new home higher than $540,000, the builder’s newest product has prices start at $220,000 and top out in the $260,000s. The seven floor plans range in size from 987 square feet in two stories to 1,701 square feet in three stories and have between one and three baths, and an attached one- or two-car garage. Read more details from Rubino below.

Aside from prices that are just about unheard of Denver, the homes have another feature: they carry a 5-percent discount for qualified buyers who are teachers, emergency first responders or military members. Of the 14 homes already sold in Oakwood’s first village, 10 have been sold to teachers (including Troutman), and three to people in the armed services.

Amy Schwartz, executive director of Oakwood’s BuildStrong Education foundation, noted that Colorado ranks last in the country (according to at least one study) when it comes to teacher pay versus cost of living. That has an impact on the state’s ability to attract and retain teachers, and poor teacher retention rates are linked to lower student performance.

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