Adobe Stock / Zarya Maxim

A new robot from MIST can paint walls for you, reports TechCrunch contributor John Biggs. A team of researchers from the University of Waterloo has finished a prototype, called Maverick. The robot uses mapping technology and a sort of elevator-like neck to spray up and down walls.

“We actually plan on mounting a camera behind the sprayer so that it follows the sprayer up and down, and hence can use image processing to make decisions about whether to actuate the spray or not. We’ve already implemented this logic in software and even have a paint quality detection algorithm. That being said, we haven’t mounted the camera just yet as seen in this video,” the team said.

The robot maps the room and then rolls around, hitting spots that are supposed to be painted and avoiding spots that aren’t. Obviously you’re going to want to tape up some spots but for the most part Maverick will blast your walls with a few layers of paint in the time it would take you to go down to the paint store.

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