According to the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas-Fort Worth home market is leveling off or even declining in some neighborhoods after a long upward spiral except for super high-end housing. Overall the sale of pre-owned home sales are up a skinny 1% for the year while the luxury class, ranked at a million dollars are up 9%. Agents sold over 1200 million dollar homes through August and more than a dozen $10 million and up homes are currently on the market.

A new nationwide housing snapshot finds that luxury home sales are booming in many cities. The number of million-dollar home sales this year is up 6 percent nationwide, according to There have been double-digit home price gains in luxury housing in 20 major U.S. markets, and two-thirds of U.S. markets are seeing sales of luxury homes move faster than this time last year.

"Although U.S. median listing prices show signs of slowing growth, luxury prices are moving in the opposite direction in many places," chief economist Danielle Hale said.Some of the biggest luxury home price increases are showing up in markets in Florida, New York, California and Colorado, according to

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