According to The Virginian Pilot, the condition of military housing in the Hampton Roads area is not making the grade with the troops. The U.S. Navy recently conducted a survey of families living in privatized military housing, with the Hampton Roads housing, managed by Lincoln Military Housing, ranking 40 out of 42 installations. Mold was one of the big issues cited.

Across the country, the Navy’s housing scored 70 for overall satisfaction, or “average,” according to the survey, which was completed by CEL & Associates. CEL distributed 35,125 surveys among residents in family housing, with a total 8,416 responses, or 24%. A total 3,960 surveys were distributed in Hampton Roads, with 22% response.

Local respondents gave their housing an overall score of 61, or “poor," according to the survey. They also scored their service 61 and gave their property a 59, or “very poor.” That’s down from 2018, when naval bases throughout Hampton Roads scored an overall 77 and a 75 for property and a 78 for service.

The service contracted the survey - a first - during the spring after widespread complaints across the military of shoddy living conditions, poor maintenance and bad customer service prompted congressional hearings. Previous surveys had been conducted by the privatized housing providers, prompting some residents to complain that they felt coerced into giving inflated responses.

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