The owner of a construction supply business in the Southeast talks home building, particularly in Florida, and offers tips that home buyers, and even home builders, can take under advisement. The Daily Commercial reports:

After 38 years in the construction supply business dealing with thousands of builders throughout the Southeast, plus having built a couple of custom homes myself, I am often asked about what I would or would not do when building a home. As with anything, my advice and opinions are not the construction gospel and I encourage you to talk with other construction professionals to help you make the best decision.

Here are my top 10 home building tips in order of importance:

1. Don’t stucco over wood framing. No matter how good the stucco subcontractor is, concrete cracks and moisture will penetrate the wall, posing a potential mold and rot problem. Instead, use a house wrap, moisture tape and Florida-approved siding that attaches to the wood.

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