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According to The Denver Post, the developers behind the Aurora Highlands project have reached an agreement with ConocoPhillips over a plan that will allow the oil and gas company to drill in the area without getting too close to the housing sites. The negotiations have been going on since 2015 with both parties now agreeing that wells can be drilled in a 1,300-acre corridor on the far east side of the 3,000-acre development.

“We are pleased to confirm we have reached a mutually beneficial solution with The Aurora Highlands to relocate our surface use agreement within the ATEC Energy Corridor,” ConocoPhillips said in a statement.

Efforts to keep wells away from homes, schools and other residential sites and the energy company’s desire to access the oil and gas had threatened to throw a wrench into plans for what is considered a linchpin in the development boom around the airport.

The initial construction phase of The Aurora Highlands will cover roughly 3,100 acres with the ultimate build-out encompassing about 5,000 acres and up to 23,000 residences. Office buildings, restaurants and other businesses as well as schools, libraries, pedestrian and biking trails are proposed as part of the master-planned community.

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