According to The Mercury News, Starcity, the San Francisco-based communal housing startup, is expected to break ground on a nearly 800-unit co-living apartment building early next year which will include cleaning services, laundry and dog walking. The residents will also share a kitchen and living room with their neighbors.

“I think about actually making a dent in the supply to the point where people who are somewhere else in the country, or living nearby, or commuting hours and hours and hours can say, ‘OK now there’s a way for me to get into the city,'” said Starcity co-founder and CEO Jon Dishotsky. “Commuting is a pain in the butt, fitting four people to a two-bedroom is a pain in the butt and paying 70 percent of your income is not enjoyable.”

Starcity, which originally bought empty or underutilized residential and commercial buildings and turned them into housing, made its co-housing debut by converting a Victorian house and garage into a six-unit shared living space in San Francisco in 2016. Now the startup operates 81 units in five buildings — four in San Francisco and one in Los Angeles. In the next year, the company plans to finish another 600 units in San Francisco and more than 400 in Los Angeles.

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