According to the Bend Bulletin, fresh data released from the Central Oregon Business Index shows a rise of 1.9% in the final three months of 2019, compared to the same period the year before, a strong sign of a growing economy. Employers added 1,100 jobs during the quarter, a 3.9% gain over the same period the year before, Nationally, the job growth for the fourth quarter of 2019 was 1.4% over the same period the year before. “The regional economy continues to build on the longest U.S. economic expansion in history,” said Tim Duy, author of the index.

The Central Oregon Business Index provides a snapshot of business activity by evaluating nine economic sectors including: the labor market, tourism, housing, trash and the state economy. The labor market is tight, said Nick Di Spaltro, owner and CEO of BMS Technologies in Bend.

With 43 employees, Di Spaltro is always looking to hire more workers, but cannot until he completes his new 35,000-square-foot facility in Juniper Ridge. His business, which supplies statements and invoices for businesses, is currently spread out between two locations, he said.

“We could use more people, but we’re pretty crammed in now,” Di Spaltro said. “One of the benefits of this type of business is we’re not just restricted to this area. We have clients across the United States.” In addition to employment, the housing market remains strong, according to the report.

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