Being a leader like Elon Musk and producing results has a lot to do with how innovative your organization can be, along with how the public perceives your level of innovation. Among technology giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook, Tesla was voted most innovative by a landslide.

I did a quick Twitter poll yesterday asking which technology companies you think are the most innovative today. The options were:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Tesla

(Note: Twitter polls only allow four options... yes, there’s also Apple, Microsoft, Uber, Samsung and SpaceX, to name a few others.)

With over 1,000 responses, a clear overwhelming winner emerged: Tesla.

Here was the final tally:

  • Amazon: 25%
  • Google: 22%
  • Facebook: 4%
  • Tesla: 50%

Google and Amazon each spend over $50 billion per year on R&D (2016 figures). In other words, they each spend more R&D dollars in a year than Tesla’s current market cap of $49 billion.

So why is it that Tesla garnered more votes than Google and Amazon combined?

What can an entrepreneur or CEO learn from this?
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