Even though the Environmental Protection Agency is looking to loosen its rules on asbestos in certain products, marketing firm Kleber & Associates does not believe, in today’s world, that consumers or companies will accept its return to the market.

Consumers are well aware of the threat posed by asbestos, and they’re not about to forget that. It’s been drilled into their heads. Every time they schedule an inspection after buying or selling a home, the specter of asbestos looms…Companies would be hard-pressed to “pull one over” on consumers these days, even if they renamed asbestos (as one brand did) to micronite.

The firm’s blog also notes the “legions” of consumer advocacy groups and environmental protection NGOs ready to do legal battle with corporations that decide to produce asbestos products, as well as competitors who may use the material against them.

But the biggest reason we’re not concerned about companies starting to use asbestos is that they’re simply more responsible today than they were years ago. Sure, there are always a few examples of companies that act irresponsibly — or even unethically — but those are few.

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