So much of construction inefficiency and cost is in labor during on site construction. An inventor is eliminating that risk with new panels that can easily fold for shipping and then unfold on the job site to make well constructed, more affordable housing. This piece from Las Vegas's KTNV explores the product in more detail.

An inventor in Las Vegas wants to shake up the worldwide construction industry with a venture he said can become the city's number one import.

Paulo Tiramani called his invention Boxabl , a foldable, shippable, customizable home building material for contractors, that, when put together, can expand into an 800 square-foot room.

"You've got a massive amount of freedom to create what you want," Tiramani said.

Galiano Tiramani, who handles business development for Boxabl, said the wall and floor panels fold together for secure shipping with enough space inside with fireplaces, sinks, bathrooms, or stairs in about 8 1/2-feet of width.

"The reason you want to be eight and a half feet is because any wider and you're oversize on the highway," Galiano said.

Thses dimensions will save on shipping costs and therefore open Boxabl to new markets around the world, according to the company.

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